If you work with clients that face these situations...

A large number of ongoing change initiatives and projects, some of which are not progressing fast enough...

One large change initiative that needs to be deployed within a busy and less-supportive-than-they-pretend-to-be organization...

A management team that's less aligned than it should be (or than it thinks it is)...

An organization that must increasingly work in cross departmental, functional or divisional teams, and is finding it hard to do so...

A CEO that sees more and more changes on the horizon and wants to build the organization's ability to tackle ongoing change...

The Change Pro Simulation can help you meet your client's needs and build your business

Meet your clients' needs:

Change Pro is engaging and memorable, leading to learning that sticks and gets implemented;

Change Pro structures the learning experience and supports the delivery of consistent messages across sessions, countries and instructors;

Change Pro is available in several languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese and Greek) and has been successfully used in a large variety of organizations, industries and Business Schools.

Build your business with Change Pro:

Change Pro helps you sell then deliver services to support the implementation of your consulting recommendations (and make sure they get implemented properly);

Helps you sell and deliver "capability-building interventions";

Supports your leverage by creating a new activity that can be performed by your consultants, rather than your most senior partners.

This means you can train thousands of managers within a few weeks, in a way that will lead to shared vocabulary and a shared approach to change and project management.

Or you can also focus on a small, targeted population of change agents or project managers and build from there. At the end of a workshop, Participants regularly ask for the Change Pro Simulation, so they can train their project team or their management team themselves!

Consultants uses Change Pro with their clients...

in a big, one-time event (i.e.: meeting of the top 200 managers);

as a module in existing corporate training programs;

as a part of a new, custom-made individual or organizational development program like a capability-building intervention or to support the roll-out of a major initiative with :
  • Initiative leaders / Project managers;

  • Department managers;

  • Specific project teams;

  • High potentials;

  • First line managers;

  • or with the organization's entire managerial population

Consultants uses Change Pro with their own staff...

as a training tool,

as a team building tool,

as a team and organizational capability building tool...

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